Dealer Benchmarking System


DBS is an innovative software solution, which solves some essential disadvantages of classic BI and/or BM tools. This opens new horizons.

  • Extremely easy to change
  • Worldwide usage (languages, currencies, market-instances)
  • Great transparency and independency from provider

The Dealer Benchmarking System enables comparison of significant financial figures between dealers or affiliates, and offers the basis for profitable management decisions. On one hand, the solution offers multi-location dealers various controlling possibilities. On the other hand, it is meant for manufacturers that would like to consult and develop their dealers in order to provide an advantage in the highly competitive automotive market.

The innovative approach of DBS ensures minimum effort when changing business logic, calculation or reports. Business key users can do this themselves without utilizing any IT-related resources.


DBS has been developed for supporting distributed dealer networks and therefore is tailor-made for the automotive industry and its national and international retail networks. It’s a tool to gather, standardize and compare financial and non-financial data of dealers or affiliates in a dealer network to possess the basis for profitable management decisions.

Usage & Characteristics

  • Interactive usage by dealership and process owner (e.g. NSC)
  • Standard software product with continuous further development
  • 100% web-based. No local installation and minimum requirements to the client
  • Joins the benefits of an excel solution of a professional database application
  • Definition of content and business logic is totally free
  • Very easy to use – data is displayed online and offline
  • Very transparent – all calculation results and formulas can be easily understood
  • Totally multi-lingual
  • Integration to enterprise network is prepared (Single-Sign-On, Master-Data)
  • Available as buy, rent or SaaS model – Hosting location can be decided totally free

Worldwide Usage – Solved Challenges

To use a system on a worldwide basis these challenges have been solved:

  • Multi Instance
  • Multi Language
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Branch / Brands
  • Independent from DMS / Accounting system
  • Independent from chart of accounts
  • Easy Change Management

DBS enables to mirror the right structure for each customer by its modular design. On each level, individual business logic, reports, interfaces and users can be added to the basic structure.

Available Components and Modules

  • Interfaces for various DMS or accounting systems
  • Mapping tool includes smart copy, template and proposal features
  • Integrated cost-splitting tool (outlets, brands, departments, etc.)
  • Data collection (YTD and actuals) considering different fiscal years
  • Submission overview of data deliveries
  • Composition and calculation of benchmark groups
  • Different reporting options (Summary, Comparison , Custom Excel and Flexible Reporting)
  • Validation Suite for standardized system of data validation
  • Business planning tool to create budget values
  • Query tool for individual queries
  • Task management tool
  • Dealer and Master Database
  • User account administration


Imagine you do not need an IT Project and even IT Knowledge to change the business logic or reports!

This is no longer a dream – it is possible!

By using an innovative concept to define the whole content we could reach significant benefits when implementing changes:

  • Very easy: can be done by almost every person who has MS office skills
  • Very quick: in the past a change of a KPI calculation needed weeks – now it can be done in minutes
  • Dramatically reduced effort and costs

Other important functionalities:

  • One central database and fully multilingual (Pilot China)
  • Scalability from small dealer groups up to the whole world (several thousand dealers) in multiple instances
  • Direct access for dealers for interactive usage
  • Very flexible and extendible import functionality providing solution for every size and type of financial data sources
  • Self-learning account allocation module to integrate dealers with non-standardized chart of account
  • Transparency of mapping, drill down of any value down to individual accounts of each dealer
  • Logging and history of data changes (who & when)
  • Flexible reporting & comparison for NSC and dealers


A BM-implementation based on DBS fulfils following requirements:

  • Can be integrated into the enterprise network (Single-SignOn & Master data)
  • Standard software product – newest releases and functionality at low costs
  • Free choice of setup (hosting & service internal or external)
  • Fulfils highest security standards (encryption, perimeter network/DMZ, etc.)
  • Extreme flexibility of content and business logic
  • Strict separation between IT and Business department that eases the implementation in enterprise environments
  • Worldwide usability (Multi-lingual, Multi-instance, Multi-brand, Multi-Outlet, …)

Contract Options:

  • Buying model (Software only)
  • Renting model without BM services (Software + Hosting + Support )
  • Software as a service model – all inclusive

Use the wide spread of choices to find the optimal setup for your requirements.


Currently the Dealer Benchmarking System is in use by a well-respected German car manufacturer on a worldwide basis in the following markets:

  • Austria
  • China
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Korea
  • Worldwide Markets
  • Worldwide Importers

Furthermore, it is in use as:

  • After sales benchmarking tool in Austria
  • Internal benchmarking tool at Unterberger Group Austria/Germany


We are offering a wide range of services for operating a Business Management Solution:

  • Implementation of the software and design of content and business logic
  • Running data validation
  • Running technical and user support for dealership
  • Running support for the customer
  • Consultancy (technical and business related)

Please contact us for further details.


  • Extremely easy to change
  • Worldwide usage (languages, currencies, market-instances)
  • Great transparency and independency from provider



By using our Excel Master concept, a continuous change process at very low adoption cost is possible. That enables a long-term usage of the software in the dynamic automotive sector.

Strict separation between business logic and software

The content and business logic of the BM Systems can be changed freely without involving IT staff.

Use the right people for the respective jobs

Services shall be rendered by the best suitable and available persons and of course our customers have different options on how to proceed. The software tool is a stable part like a “red thread” within such BM projects. We are offering the DBS as buy or rent or SaaS model.

The lead is up to the customer

During the implementation project, all important processes will be established and started. Edentity fulfil its role as software vendor and implementation partner. The service decision is made in the second step – either we are also operating the BM project or this can be done by somebody else or by the customer direct.

Maximum independence from EDENTITY

Although it is possible, all running changes and operations can be done without involving us. Using our service because of how we are defined by our performance is our target scenario and not by further or other bindings.