Used car management system


Our Used Car Management System is the solution for marketing of existing and currently added used vehicles. It is suitable for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

  • Online visualization module for own website
  • More than 30 export interface for used car market places
  • Access your stock always and everywhere

More than 450 dealers in Austria and Germany are using our Used Car Management System, which makes it the most popular system in Austria.


The used car management system helps to reach following targets:

  • Common database of all dealers
  • Residual value development
  • Implementation of standards for the used car program as well as sales
  • Overview and analysis of stock development
  • Improvement of data quality and images
  • Support online marketing

The system was developed as a dealer tool from beginning on, therefore it brings a lot of benefits for dealers. A powerful symbiosis can be created when used as a common platform between dealers and manufacturers.

The system is currently used by several dealer networks of well-respected brands in Austria.


  • Online visualization module for own website
  • More than 30 export interface for used car market places
  • Access your stock always and everywhere


Market places and websites
  • More than 30 used car market places (relevant for the Austrian market)- neutral and flexible
  • You decide where your data should be available
  • No restrictions -> Try different market places and decide
  • Visualization module for own website
  • Customer satisfaction is at the forefront!

Save time and be flexible!
  • Once imported or entered content can be distributed automatically to many market places at once
  • Interfaces and suggestions save your valuable time

  • Access your stock always and everywhere – from your dealership or at home
  • Modern, automatic and error proof processes – errors are displayed and have no impact on your daily business
  • Keeping the upper hand – identify problematic vehicles, prevent slow sales and optimize your sales strategies
  • Distribute tasks (e.g. sales consultants for multiple locations)
  • A REAL cooperation with partners and outlets – no 08/15 market place but a tailored business tool
  • Enables better risk management – simple tracking of tasks and follow up

  • A mature solution – profit from longstanding know-how in servicing well-respected brands in Austria
  • Internet-based / no installation necessary
  • Low initial costs / low maintenance costs


Herbert Windholz

For companies the size of ours, it is very important to design actions and sales campaigns extending across locations flexible and easy. Additional emphasis lies on being able to exactly define right management and obligations within our group of companies as well as offering our partners a business oriented B2B-access to our vehicle offer. Since the introduction of GMS in our group of companies we cultivate a professional and consistent public appearance and have seen a considerable increase in stock turnover.

Head of Sales, Vienna, Eisner Auto

Erich Arnold

By implementing the Used Car Management System of Edentity we were able to homogenously display three different DMS in vehicle stock for the first time, resulting in a multitude of up-to-date marketplaces receiving our current data concurrently every day. Edentity has proven its competence in handling interface technique and integration of diverse requirements (sales & business needs), which were needed on a transnational level.

Used car operations manager, Unterberger Gruppe